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                           Product Information 2024

The Arizona Carbon Foil Co., Inc.


Effective date: January 1, 2024


Who we are:
For over 54 years, ACF-Metals, The Arizona Carbon Foil Company, has proudly provided highly characterized, ultra-thin, carbon foils and coatings to the scientific community worldwide.  Foils are produced in thicknesses from a few nanometers (nm) up to several microns (µm).  Foils can be provided on glass substrates, free-standing, or mounted on supports.  You’ll find ACF foils in cyclotrons and other accelerator systems, in fiberoptic lines, used with EM research, and in outer-space applications as far as Halley’s comet and Saturn!

As technological innovations continue to be made, ACF-Metals consistently works to meet the needs of the scientific community.  We now provide carbon foils and carbon coatings to be used as stripper/extractor foils, as accelerator targets, for radiopharmaceutical production, for time-of-flight studies, target backer foils, as optical filters, for electron microscopy, and for a wide variety of other applications.


foils in accelerators, have seen our carbon foils with thickness less than 10 nm sent with confidence to Halley's comet (and other comets) and to planet Saturn and its moons, and have seen our carbon-film attenuators used in thousands of reliable fiber-optic-communication hookups. Current activities involve research to make foils having greater tolerance to ion bombardment and the extreme temperatures reached in high-current stripping applications. Sophisticated measuring systems are used to quantify the properties of these foils. ACF-Metals continues to carry out and publish research on the best ways to produce and mount such foils; the results of such research are regularly made available to our customers.

ACF-Metals is your best source when you need many standard foils for production purposes, specialized foils for research, or only a single unique foil or coating for a completely innovative application.

For more information, please contact us:

ACF-Metals (The Arizona Carbon Foil Co., Inc.)
1700 East River Road, Unit 66001

Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. 85728

Telephone: (520) 325-9557
Fax: (520) 325-9493


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