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                             We take your work seriously.

Each project has its own very particular needs.  Here at ACF, we work with you to provide exactly what you need, at the very best, affordable, and competitive price.  We specialize in a critical component, carbon foils, essential in particle accelerators, cyclotrons, and other applications worldwide. 

For over 54 years, our customers have relied on us to create the specific foils necessary for every application under our sun, and even those going into interplanetary space!  We work hand in hand with national labs, universities, private companies, and individuals around the world.

Please contact us with your specific project needs.  Here is a list of some helpful data that would assist us in meeting your needs:

  • Type of application needing foils?

  • Type of carbon foil (ACF, PCG, Graphene, DLC...), if known?

  • Thickness/areal density, if known?

  • Do the foils need to be mounted? 

    • Custom frames, mesh covered mounts, or standard forks?  Quantity?

    • Do your frames have mesh, if so what spacing and what type of mesh?

    • Do you have technical drawings for your frames?

  • Would you like details on a standard mount from ACF that may be very similar?

  • Please provide us with your preferred methods of contact?  Phone, email, etc.

Thank you! We will get right on this!

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