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         Polycrystalline Graphite Foils - Flexible PCG's!

Polycrystalline Graphite (PCG) foils made by ACF-Metals are typically used as extractor (stripper) foils in accelerators.  They are as efficient as amorphous carbon foils of the same areal density and have in-beam lifetimes competitive with arc-evaporated foils. 


PCG's are also used as windows between regions of different vacuum and to transmit synchrotron radiation at power densities up to 500 watts per square centimeter, as well as to strip uranium beams at energies of 50 MeV per nucleon.

Our in-house technical team is prepared to answer questions and provide ideas and feedback regarding your application. 

             Greater areal density, easier to handle, and less expensive!

PCG foils have several advantages over standard arc-evaporated foils in that they can be produced to higher areal densities, they are easier to handle, and at areal densities greater than 400µg/ they are less expensive.

Standard polycrystalline graphite foils, 25mm X 60mm, are freestanding and shipped in individual protective containers. Foils are also provided in custom "cut sizes" that are ready for immediate mounting on the support of your choice.  PCG foils have no known limit to their shelf life.


Areal Density: The product number (ie: PCG-400 or PCG-1000) gives the carbon areal density in micrograms per square centimeter.  The equivalent thickness is the geometrical thickness that the foil would have at that areal density if the mass density were 2.00g/cc.  These foils have nominal mass density 1.0 +/-0.1g/cc.  


Standard PCG foils are available from stock. They are categorized by their areal density, with minimal variation (+/- 15%).  Tighter tolerances are available by quote. The areal density of our foils is also referred to as surface density, specific density, or mass per unit area.  Every foil is measured, weighed, and assessed in order to maximize accuracy and quality.  Please see the ACF-Metals' "Product Information" for more properties of these foils, especially for information regarding flatness, smoothness, and light-tightness.

Additional Savings: Quantity discounts are available on single shipments of carbon foils of the same size and areal density: 5% (quantity of 100+) or 10% (quantity of 1000+).  Please contact ACF-Metals directly to place orders that would involve this discount.

Please request a FREE COPY of our PRODUCT INFORMATION, for elaboration on the above highlights and for additional helpful information!

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