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The Best Carbon Stripper Foils 

for Cyclotron Produced Radioisotopes

ACF Metals has been working alongside international nuclear target makers for over 54 years in a systematic and conscientious effort to produce stripper foils on forks that are of the highest purity, uniformity, and stability.

As there is no one type of carbon foil, perfect for every application, we take seriously our job in helping the user select the best foil and fork for their particular application.  We also provide useful mounting information that enables the user to get the most lifetime from each and every foil, limiting downtime and unnecessary exposure.

Since 2006 we have offered our foils mounted on alternative forks, including graphite, tungsten, and titanium forks.  These alternative forks have significantly smaller CTE (thermal expansion rate) which allows them to be used in more extreme temperatures, which is essential for many applications and they fit perfectly into their carousel holders.

The standard aluminum fork is used with consistent excellent results for users that don't experience thermal issues in their applications.

We continue to serve and work with the medical imaging community as it progresses towards more efficient ways to produce radiopharmaceuticals, a critical tool being used for the diagnosis and staging of disease.

ACF Metals has an innovative production team that can produce custom foils on your forks, as well as foils with specific thicknesses in different parts of the foil, to enable even more stability and less potential warping over time.  


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