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Oct 29

Floating 100µg/ carbon foils that are loose on the substrate.

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Loose foils can be intimidating. We all love it when the foil is tight to the substrate, however, at 100µg/, often the foil has begun to self-release from the substrate, tis the nature of the beast!



This could appear to be a problem, when in fact it's not. I'm attaching a video on this subject, of a loose 2"x3" foil, 100µg/, video shows one of our technicians floating a loose foil, with very stable hands. :)

Oct 29Edited: Oct 29

Now, just for fun, I'll attach a video of me floating a loose foil, with shaky hands, this video is great in demonstrating how the foil can easily be floated. At 100µg/ there is really no need to prep the foil by humidifying it, clearly it is releasing on its own. I always use warm water no matter what areal density. As this float was for demonstration purposes, I didn't worry about wearing gloves. Watch for the air bubble that escapes out the right side :)


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