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ACF-Metals, The Arizona Carbon Foil Co., Inc.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Sale on file for future reference.  Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Conflict:  In case of conflict between Customer's Terms of Purchase and ACF-Metals' Terms and Conditions of Sale, ACF-Metals' Terms and Conditions of Sale shall take precedence.  If Customer is unwilling to use ACF-Metals' Terms and Conditions of Sale, Customer must notify ACF-Metals immediately, in writing, of the conflict, and their order will be suspended until an agreement is reached.  In all cases, acceptance of merchandise implies acceptance of ACF-Metals' Terms and Conditions of Sale.


1.  Every order is prepaid, and shipped as soon as possible.  Typically within a few days, unless arranged otherwise.  ACF-Metals will accommodate Customer's specified dock date in writing at the time the order is received, or make arrangements for a suitable alternate dock date.  Overdue "net-30" payments are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month or the legal maximum if smaller.

2.  Each shipment by ACF-Metals is insured for replacement value at the customer's expense.

3.  A U.S. $45.00 International Handling charge is added to every international order, and the customer is responsible to all taxes, duty (customs) charges, and shipping charges. (See below.)

4.  Payment is by dollar check and electronic interbank transfer.  Credit card payments or Pay pal payments are available only through the website or email confirmation as such, and may incur an extra fee.  No letters of credit are accepted.  Payment by international customers for amounts greater than U.S $4999.00 must be made via electronic interbank transfer.

5.  Consignee pays all shipping charges plus any applicable duties, V.A.T. and other taxes.

6.  Shipping costs (including insurance and special packaging) are ordinarily prepaid and added to the invoice.  Customers may supply their shipping account information with their purchase order and ACF-Metals' will ship accordingly.

7.  Shipping costs include specialized packaging needed for particularly fragile and/or expensive items, such as a line item and will be clearly stated on the invoice.

8.  Shipping is usually via FedEx (Federal Express) or UPS (United Parcel Service).  Shipping via USPS (United States Parcel Service is not offered.  International customers MUST provide V.A.T. or equivalent tax number for payments of taxes.  Shipping via DHL, or any other shipping method is by Customers' request only, and may require additional documentation and shipping account information from the Customer.

9.  Confirmation:  Every order must be presented in hardcopy by the Customer (letter, fax, email) including the terms, quantities, prices, shipping method, and dock date, prior to shipment.

10.  Taxes:  If taxes on an order must be collected by or charged by ACF-Metals because of purchaser's State or local requirements, purchaser must notify ACF-Metals of this in the purchase order, and must specify in that purchase order the exact amount to be collected, the name and address of the collecting authority, and the account number to which taxes must be credited.

11.  Shipment of small quantities of standard products is usually from stock or within two weeks of the order.  For other products or quantities >100, shipment is typically within four weeks or by quotation.  More rapid shipment is often possible upon request.  Add time required for transport to estimate time of receipt.  It is ACF-Metals' policy not to reserve merchandise for an order of standard products until two weeks prior to the customer specified ship date.  Urgent or Rush surcharges are priced by quotation.

12.  All returns, cancellations, and change of orders require prior written request by the Customer and written authorization by ACF-Metals.  Returns for damage claimed must be with prior authorization, must be in the original packaging, and may require photographic evidence of damage.  No credit will be given for returns made without prior authorization.  All orders for items made to customer's specifications become noncancelable upon acceptance by ACF-Metals', and the items are not returnable.  If discounts differ from the original order, customer is invoiced for the difference.  Customer pays shipping charges for all returns. 

13.  Warranty on all products is limited to replacement or refund at ACF-Metals' discretion.  All claims for replacement or refund must be made within 60 days of receipts.  Customer's parts are coated at customer's risk.  ACF-Metals accepts no responsibility for direct, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages arising from customer's ordering, receipts, use, or misuse of ACF-Metals products.  Placement of an order for ACF-Metals products implies customer's understanding of all hazards involved in the use of the products.  Customers accepts the responsibility for safe storage, handling, and disposal of them.

14.  All processes and tooling developed by ACF-Metals remain the property of ACF-Metals even if tooling is a line item in the customers purchase order, unless ACF-Metals in writing disclaims ownership of said tooling.  No access to ACF-Metals' facilities is granted to customer through ACF-Metals' acceptance of customer purchase orders, even if customers terms and conditions of purchase require said access, except by specific prior written agreement of both parties.

15.  Only a Packing List is provided with merchandise except as required on Customers purchase order, and agreed upon in writing on the ACF-Metals Invoice.

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